Clayton Chicken Wings

Restaurants are some of the most profitable and commonly visited businesses in the entire country. At least 1 in every 4 American’s eats fast food every single day. We literally can’t live without it, food is one of the few things that every human has to have every day. From the outside, to the average viewer who has no food background, it may seem pretty simple. You have the food on hand, you take the order, you make the food, you serve the food. Well I’m here to tell you that that is the uber-simplified version. In reality it all starts with ordering food to make sure you’re stocked up on everything, far before anyone ever orders food. A fun fact for you – a very obese Scottish man was able to fast for 382 days and managed to lose 276 pounds of fat. Now this is the outlier, most people need and want to eat a meal every few hours to keep them full and their energy levels high. Food is the fuel out bodies burn to keep us going. A lot of us don’t have the time or desire to cook for ourselves all the time, so restaurants are perfect for bridging that gap and offering food to those people.

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Food is more than just sustenance here, food is a point of conversation, something people can bond over and an experience to be shared. If food were just there for our sustenance we’d be eating nothing other than scientifically crafted protein bars with the exact amount of calories, vitamins, etc that we need. But indeed we do not do that, we eat what we think is going to taste best and what we want at the moment. Food is so popular that certain foods have their own national holidays – take chicken wings for example. Wings are a staple in America, and we have National Chicken Wing Day on July 29th, it originated in 1977 in Buffalo, NY. You can find just about any kind of food ever made in America these days, many cultures have brought their eating habits here with them over our history and things have been changed and styled to fit the taste of Americans. Fast food restaurants are some of the most common businesses out there, Subway for example has 42,998 locations in America alone, so chances are you can’t go far without being near one.

Taste and flavor are very important in our foods. In some cases certain foods can truly play pivotal roles in certain cultures. Food is something that brings people together – sometimes even in massive groups. Anytime we celebrate something like a birthday or holiday, we do it while focusing on the food we’ll be having that day. Food is something we just can’t escape. You’ll never be starved for food diversity, from Mexican, to Italian, to classic American food you can find it all.

Chicken Wing Restaurant

They go by many different names – buffalo wings, chicken wings – but whatever you call them they’re the same delicious popular “wings” that you’ve always known and loved. Generally speaking, Clayton chicken wings are going to have spicier rubs or sauces on them, while chicken wings tend to just be breaded and fried as they are. The term “buffalo” is actually now tied to most things that are spicy, like a buffalo chicken sandwich or something similar. Wings are one of the favorite foods in America, it’s a safe bet that most normal restaurants you visit will have them on the menu.